PVC Trim

PVC Trim boards and Mouldings

We carry 1″ dimensional PVC trim in sizes up 12″ wide and 18′ long. These boards have 1 textured and 1 Smooth face.
In 5/4″ boards we carry 4″ and 6″ widths at 18′ long. Other widths are available. These PVC boards also have the smooth/textured combination.

We carry pvc brick-mold, drip-cap, 3/4″ quarter-round and 3-5/8 crown molding in 16′ lengths.

The cost of PVC board and moldings are about 3 to 4 times the cost of traditional pine moldings and boards but the long term cost savings could be worth it for your construction projects!

We proudly carry PVC trim manufactured by the Ply Gem company.

Visit the Ply Gem site for more information

PVC Boards

PVC boards are great for windows and doors,  gables and eaves.  We stock the Ply Gem Trim and Mouldings which can give your home stylish charm that lasts without requiring costly labor and maintenance like scraping and painting.

Get all the beauty of wood without the maintenance by using PVC boards.  Our cellular PVC trim boards can be cut, drilled and routed like wood.  But unlike wood, they don’t absorb water so they won’t rot, split or warp, and they hold paint much longer!

PVC Boards from Ply Gem

PVC Moldings and Trim

PVC decorative mouldings can be installed on their own or fitted with PVC Ply Gem Trim boards to create interesting shapes and detail.

Our PVC Mouldings are extruded, not routed, which means they offer a smooth, low maintenance finish that lasts for years.

Our decorative mouldings are a precise color match to the other Ply Gem Trim products we carry at West End Lumber, for a premium, coordinated look.

PVC Molding and Trim from Ply Gem

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