Cedar Wood

We carry Cedar wood for your projects

Choose from many sizes and lengths of Cedar Boards
Choose from many sizes and lengths of Cedar Boards

Great for many outdoor uses, cedar wood and planking is resistant to harsh weather conditions and attack by insects. This durable wood is great for use in:

    • Decking
    • Fencing
  • Siding
  • Landscaping Materials

Cedar contains natural preservatives which give it the resistance to weather and insects.
The easy to work with properties of cedar wood add aesthetic and great architectural appeal to your home and office projects.

Siding use

Cedar plywood available to complement trim and other building projects[/caption]
Cedar when installed properly makes a good wood for siding use due to the resistance to shrinkage, warping, swelling and cupping. It holds its shape and looks great for long periods of time.

Decking use

cedar lumber and boards available in the greater Cleveland area
Great for decks or other areas where you don’t want contact with treated lumber

Cedar decking is great looking and stays cooler than other types of wood. The cedar boards lay flat without warping or cupping and are resistant to splintering.

Fencing use

Create a one of a kind look in your fencing with cedar wood by using a combination of different size and shapes of cedar boards. Many kinds and shapes of posts and rails are available too.

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